About Us

Why Adalia Real Estate Real Estate?

Working with a professional Real Estate Company like Adalia Real Estate is a great Benefit for you. The number of options in the portfolio, the various quality and price options among several construction companies, the experience that our professional representatives have and the services we give to our customers give you incredible advantages. The commission rates that can be taken by authorized real estate agents have been fixed. The rate is 6% of the contract price with 3% from the buyer and 3% from the Seller. The Sale price when you work with Adalia Real Estate is added to your dream investment with the prices starting from 38.000 $. You do not have to pay without knowing the high commission of 15%. The right address for reaching Luxury life Adalia Emlak- Antalya Real Estate Services
Established in Antalya-Konyaaltı region in 2014, our Company is proceeding with the aim of being a brand in all fields where it operates.

Adalia Real Estate Mission;

• UPDATE: Updates the updated information on the mornings website.
• Honest: Do not use misleading language in advertisements, just tell the truth.
• As much as you deserve: Low commission, plenty of sales.
• Respectful: Does not use a language that is compelling to sell.

Your money is entirely at the Guarantie of our company and we are fully committed to delivering your Certificate under agreed terms. The rules we apply to fulfill this obligation are as follows;

• We always have up-to-date portfolio. All prices on our website are valid and accurate. We do not have a historical ad